Web Business Etiquette for Redesign

Hi all,
I’m in a bit of a bind. The best website I never designed is being redesigned. I told the designer to take my credit logo off the bottom. They took it off and put theirs on with the link to their website. The only problem is, they still have much of what I designed up!! They are still using a few of my pages, my banners and flash I did. I feel that’s wrong. Shouldn’t they take down everything I designed before they put that credit link and logo to their website?

That sucks. I see nothing wrong with it but it does suck. This is why you should always plan ahead and take some screen shots. At least that way you could still show off the work within your portfolio. if the site hasn’t been modified much you could take screen shots now before the site is completely changed. Business owners have no obligation to keep credits nor a workable version of the state of a site which you created. That is unless it was in a contract which I doubt. Also, you can’t say for certain what changed. The site might look similar but the back-end or something might have been completely redone. I work inhouse though so perhaps you have a claim when it comes to freelance work but I can’t see how.

I have the entire website that I will upload to my server and show it off there. If the “client” has a problem that’s just too bad. I did the website as a favor. I did not get paid for it. I think he thinks he was doing me the favor. In fact, I was the one doing him the favor. Strange how we all perceive things isn’t it?

If you did it for free do whatever you want.

I think you could probably still get a capture of the website if you go to the way back machine. And if I am not misunderstanding your issue, you could always just contact them…

Thanks guys. It just bugs me that the guy put “created by” , his name on the bottom and a link to his website. It’s almost like he did it for SPITE. I created that website and they merely updated it. Some of my designs are still up there.
If it was you would you ask them to take down their “created by” link on the website or would you just leave it alone?