Dentist and vacity

I got some pain in my teeth. I have a few holes…

Is there anything I can do to fix it at home rather than paying my life savings for a dentist visit? Or would that hurt?

Cant you just put a thing on it and fix it?.. I dont want to eat cans of corn for the next month.

1: Harden up.
2: Get your drink on.
3: Find some pliers.
4: Get in there and yank that sucker out!
5: Get your drink on.

Put a thing on it? No, it would keep rotting underneath. You could follow Chris’ advice. I would go to the dentist.

I dont want to drink alcohol. And I think that could hurt still it is a important tooth. I am going to try to go to the dentist, maybe they will XRay only the tooth that hurts to save money. Or I am going to dig around for coupons.

Man i wish my teeth were not so cavity prone

I’ve heard about comedy. I’ve heard about stand-up comedy. Now, my dear JREAM, are you a on-line stand-up comedy guy ? :wink:

I’d suggest going to the dentist and getting them sorted out professionally - if you don’t I think you’ll find talking to a girl a lot more difficult! :rofl:

Teeth are very valuable. Worth spending money on.

Perhaps you should also reconsider your brushing mechanism and frequency, and your diet.

How long do you intend to carry on living JREAM? Teeth typically last at least until you get into old age - assuming you get them seen to by a dentist.

If you leave them until they have rotted too much you’ll have a lot missing and will need corrective work like false teeth fitted. That will be several times more expensive and problematic in the longer-term than minor preventative work done while you are still young.

I took you guys advice and am going to dentist in a good week. Bummer. I decided to go to a dentist who is asian because they can be trusted in their craft. I don’t like the white man working on my teeth, they are too aggressive.

Diet got nothing to do with cavity, it all depends on your teeth genetic

I’ve got one word for you: sugar


My mom told me drinking milk helps your teeth become strong lol :smiley:

Well if you don’t like the dentist working on your teeth, then go to another one.

Man Jream, I’ve gotta say I’m starting to think you do stand up comedy in your spare time myself!

Honestly, I’d worry less about a dentists nationality and more on what kinds of insurance or discount dental plans they belong to, if cost is a big concern for you.

Even with dental insurance it usually doesn’t cover more than $1-2k in work a year and it can cost that much to root canal and crown a tooth! I’d recommend looking at to see there are any affordable plans that dentists in your area may go to - and by all means you should also ask your family and friends if they have a guy they like they can refer you to.

Good luck!

Go to India. The dental care there is cheap, and first rate! If the travel costs are less than the cost of getting your work done locally, it’s a winner for you.

Lots of people are going there to get dental work done.

Check it: India dental tourism

It’s a double win. India will most definitely award you with a stomach disease, so you’ll need to go to Mexico to fix that one cheap.

Just think about what Mexico will give you and where you’ll have to go from there and you’ll probably picture the medical version of a Jules Verne adventure around the globe :lol:

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So, it might all turn out pretty well.

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I’m sure it’s not the last time he has to go to the dentist!

Rudy, I make it myself - procrastination extra strong. Guaranteed results every time.

Who accepts coupons? Your dentist? Have fun. :lol:

If it’s that bad (that you get cavities often even after brushing & flossing regularly), they can cap your teeth in plastic. I’m not sure what the exact procedure is called or if they still do it. I just remember it was an option a family member described to fix something or other.