Just downloaded & setting up drupal to get familiar w/it

Was wondering if folks who prev used wp like it, love it how they compare it?

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I had a client who insisted on having their site run on Drupal, so I had no choice but learn how to develop a highly customized child theme for Drupal 7. I liked it, but for different reasons than I like WordPress, and my instincts are still to recommend WordPress to clients above Drupal.

I found it harder to get my head around the terminiology they used, and how the different parts fit together- especially modules like Views. I can do the same things in WordPress with much less difficulty.

I think my worst experience was trying to teach my designer/content person how to add and edit the pages and content after I had built the site. They weren’t kidding when they said the learning curve was much steeper for Drupal.

Having said that, I have signed up for the Drupal 8 conference the end of June here, so my project for June is to review Drupal and learn as much as I can about Drupal 8 before then.

Thank you webMachine!
Am going through the install process now. crossing fingers it won’t be too painfully steep.

ok so in drupal purgtory already. I have installed it three times. the last one using the bitnami installer.
Everything seems to go well but it never allows me to log in.
every time it tells me the user name or password is incorrect. even though every time it is the same i use in all the sandbox site.

I’m tired of working. Let me have a go at installing Drupal on my machine to see how it goes for me. It’s been a few months since I’ve been through the process. I usually do it from scratch instead of using one of the installers.

Thank you!J
my first install was from scratch, the second w/aquia & third w/bitnami.(have since un-installed them) according to each install they all worked.

now my port 80 is not longer coming up in xampp

I had to install it three times, but the last time (after I totally deleted all files and the database, and started fresh) it went smoothly.

Did Acquia or Bitnami take over your port 80? You might have to go in and see what is running on that port.

Hello there, it was actually a certificate issue and am sure either acquia or bitnami did it.
so now will have to research that.
but thanks again for sharing the experience. also it was on my work laptop. will try again, see if i can do w/out using the vpn

ok so eventually it worked, but put it in wamp & did the install from scratch. so far drupal is not very user friendly.

Drupal is friendly to those who know it and those who don’t… well.

I dont like 7 at all. 8 is a very different beast. It still lags behind WP in the WYSIWYG editor department, but it passes it up on pretty much all other fronts, especially writing code for the thing (Wordpress is a nightmare to write code for). The terminology still takes a bit, but once you get used to it then it’s far more flexible and powerful. It’s worth the time needed to get used to taxonomies.

well hope it’ll get to the point where it’ll be friendly to me as well. spent about five six hours getting to know it a bit this am. But will need quite a few more.

Are you thinking you might use Drupal more often than only this one time?

I guess it is something good to have in your toolbox. But if this is a one-time use, maybe it would be wiser to look for an alternative and forgo the learning curve?

thx Mit, don’t even know if I’ll be using it. But want to explore, learn it, at least be familiar w/it.
In case someone brings it up I want at least a nodding acquaintance. will do at least a basic site/theme and then see if I want to keep it up

I’ve been working in both Drupal and Wordpress now for years; I’ve used both for client sites on big budget projects with thousands of users, hundreds of thousands of pages (posts or nodes), and loads of traffic.

They’re different. For basic brochure corporate sites, simple e-commerce, blogs, etc they’re pretty comparable. If I need to setup a simple corporate informational site and they want a simple blog, Wordpress is quick and out of the box user friendly. With Yoast SEO plugin, Wordpress is great for small companies to get the ball roll with content marketing and getting their brand out there.

Drupal is slower moving for small companies and takes a lot of work to get more user friendly (look at the Ember Admin theme combined with the Navbar toolbar/admin menu along with other modules from the Spark distribution). For your WYSIWYG, install the CKEditor module (not to be confused with the WYSIWYG Module + CKEditor JS Library). If you need inline image to the WYSIWYG, check out IMCE. Drupal passes up Wordpress for more complex sites and anything that starts to move towards custom functionality. At its core, Drupal excels because of the presence of the Views module which is what makes so many amazing features of Drupal modules possible.

They’re different, but they’re both great. You’ll make more money in the world of Drupal dev if you can get going with it.

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Learning Drupal 8 is also learning Symfony 2 btw, and that can be a very useful tool to use. Also, there’s a lot of common ground between them and Laravel at the routing layer.

Never heard of symfony but thank you for mentioning htat.
Right now am just getting to know the regular ui and features that are out of the box w/drupal and ma pretty impressed.

It is an impressive system once you embrace it – especially 8. I can’t wait to see panels for 8.

Every one keeps saying 8, but see the 7.37 is the official one out. 8 is just beta.
Is it such a nice beta that is practically an alpha?

I’m going to the Drupal North Regional Summit in Toronto the end of June and it’s entirely focused on Drupal 8. The release date is not very far off.

Hi, I am a major initial contributor to a fork of Drupal https://backdropcms.org/ which the goal is to make it more user friendly like Wordpress. It has (a simplified version of) Panels, Views, and soon-to-be WYSIWIG in core.

Although a few of us just work on it in our spare time, I would be interested in your experiences in setting it up and using it, especially at https://dashboard.pantheon.io/products/backdrop/spinup . We are working to improve the learning curve and usability of it and I am working on making more “out of the box” things like Material UI themes that use libSass and WooCommerce like plugins/modules. I definitely agree that things like NBA.com or the Australian Government won’t be based on Backdrop – but I don’t manage those sites, so I don’t have to think about such large use cases as Drupal 8 will be built to run (which is also a nice system).

Thanks for your opinions as I will read them!