Just downloaded & setting up drupal to get familiar w/it

All the team sites run on Drupal but the main NBA website is .net I believe.

Thanks for the correction. I have only been on the teams (Bulls, Cavs, etc) sites.

I only know because I contracted for turners NBA team site department for a while in the past.

i think the incorporation of icons would help. if i had to point to a great new ui i’d say look at blenders. it is also very feature and option rich.



Great to know people is still interested in comparing Drupal and Wordpress, they are both very good doing what they know, but for me at least they are not comparable from the technical standpoint.

By working with both for several years now and working full time as a Drupal (7.xx) site-builder and front-end web developer, my comments are:

  • Wordpress is easier to install and get-into, from any perspective and role: developer, user, designer.
  • You can hack Wordpress core and themes very easily and make them work. Drupal demands you to know how to do things the proper way, the very basic “hacking” won’t work.
  • Drupal scales very well (hundreds of thousands of records and visits per month)… at a reasonable price: asking for a good server where to run.
  • Wordpress plugin repository is PLAGUED with modules with bad code written by people who just know a little bit of PHP and gave a try at resolving their needs. Drupal has a well crafter plugin base where almost every module and theme is reviewed by a team of developers and run-through an automated testing system.
  • Drupal spits out an HORRENDOUS markup by default, it is only by using good themes that you cane tame that. In wordpress your markup is almost up to you and you can write it as good or bad as you want.
  • Once you know about “the Drupal-way” of doing things, you can think very easily on how to crate custom structure for content and ne content-types
  • The admin panel in Drupal is overwhelming and… well, ugly. If you don’t know where things are you’ll end up messing up things.
  • Drupal uses a troubling terminology for many. For instance, you may think of it as this: node = post, taxonomy ~~= category, view = list of content, block = widget, region = widget area, content-type = custom post type. You’'ll learn more as you install more modules and deep dive into Drupal core
  • For big sites, with huge ammounts of content, Wordpress is easier to deploy and manage
  • You can maintain multiple sites far more easily wih Drupal than with Wordpress: Drupal uses the same code-base for all and lets you choose if and how to share data and databases

That said:

  • I hate wordpress’s modules because they often include bad code
  • I love wordpress because you can jump right into it very easily
  • I hate Drupal because of the ammount of bad HTML it spits out to the browser
  • I love Drupal for being rock solid and very reliable when scaling
  • Drupal 8 is a BEAST, but it is not out for production yet. Learn Symfony2 and you’ll be into Drupal 8 Module developpmnet in no time

As for your issue with not being able to log-in after install, check your web browser dev tools and delete all your cookies, that’s a know issue for some.

Hope it helps

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