July Shout Out: If you could be famous for anything, what would it be?

And I mean REALLY famous. Like, household name famous. I’d like to be famous for something inspirational… I just can’t think of what.

Kicking the winning field goal in the Super Bowl would be fantastic! And yes…I am an ex-kicker!

Unless a whole load of people wake up real soon, I’ll be famous for being one of a handful of physical immortals born before 1950.

The eldest working female web designer (since that would entail not dying for a very long time).

Hmm, I really do not care to be famous. I like a quiet life.

I am an artist and that brings with it a certain fame to the people and fans who own the art that I have created, but I do not chase it nor play the politics that are needed to be famous.

I’d like to cure every kind of cancer…

I’d like to be famous first, perhaps as someone who discovers a simple method of producing lots of clean energy. And then do a disappearing act. Like Lord Lucan.

And for doing base jumping off things. The Alain Robert of base jumping.

First I have to learn to base jump, lose my fear of heights and lose my fear of a premature death. Small steps!

I’d love to be famous for actually doing everything the “Most Interesting Man in the World” has done. :smiley:

The youngest Fully functional Operating System developer ever

Now that would be very nice whoever did such a thing! :slight_smile:

Household famous? I’d be to the robotics industry what Bill Gates is to the computing industry. Owning a household robotics company would be a start…Developing a household helper android or humanoid robot and deploy them to every single home in the world…Guess who’s a famous fella? :smiley:

I find it a shame that the most famous people today that aren’t alive are the people in history books…The infamous people…You know the type of people who I’m talking to! They go down in history worldwide and everyone knows their names!

Andrew Cooper

Click the link

Someone who finds a cure for a disease and offers it to people free of charge…

Who’s first ? I wanna see him !

You wouldn’t be the first.

First man pregnant :slight_smile:

It’s been a hard road to get to the top but I’m glad that I finally have. I actually thought about laying claim to that but I’m modest.

Oh Hawk don’t sell yourself short.

You’re the most famous female forum administrator with twins who used to kickbox that I know.

I’d like to be a famous celebrity. :slight_smile:

the CEO of some huge multinational internet company. that would be a really nice thing.

Dancer - famous

Columbian drug lord - infamous