Getting on the PR Bandwagon

There’s something that’s been mulling over in my little mind for the past few days - Would you share your online success with your family and friends?

Say you have a really successful online presence or website - you might be a fantastic blogger with a huge following, or Twitterholic or indeed the latest wonder of the web, some sort of Internet senstation - you get the idea!

Would you allow your family and friends to cash in and link to your website just because of their connection to you? Or would you be more stringent and say hey no, they should find their own way and build their own following/presence!

I know someone that has made a few high profile newspapers in the US on numerous ocassions for their blog articles and has a huge following yet this person doesn’t allow friends or family ahem to cash in on this success not even a measly link :shifty:

I can understand all the hard work, effort and talent that has gone into what they have done as it was not an over-night success but personally I would share my success with friends and family no matter what ranking or following I had because morally it’s the right thing to do! What do you think?! What would you do if you were in that scenario, perhaps you are already and have no qualms about shutting people out regardless of their connection to you! :eek:

Is there a time when you have to draw the line? :scratch:

Thoughts are welcome! :spf:

It some thing different. I only link to the related websites and that too only Business related websites. Why family?

Personally my successful sites that have found profitable niches are trade secrets that nobody gets to see.

My family is not into the web, if they asked for links I would probably do it, but only if they take business seriously and do not keep asking for free handouts all the time.

It’s always a slippery slope with people expecting more and more. Can’t even count how many times I’ve fixed viruses on computers then next week they tell me I broke something and need to come in and fix another 10 things…

My family told me that doing anything in computers was a pipe-dream. Add to that all they think I do on it is game as well.

Hehe, nah they are just too old, can’t really expect them to know anything about “new technology” :smiley:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Well, like I said up there, it depends.

If my site is a fun, personal site, then sure.

If it’s not, then it depends on what my friend’s site is about. If their site is good and it’s related to the topic of mine, that’s fine. It would add value to my own site as a portal for my viewers to keep researching whatever topic they’re interested in.

So it really depends.


[FONT=“Georgia”]We ought to make a poll about this.


Exactly. I always figured that when someone is succesful, that means there’s some hope for me!

Snitches where funny britches…that’s how you can tell who’s a nark!

Good evening everyone. Just waking up and checking with everyone. What’s good on the social media and online marketing news? :slight_smile:

:goof: You don’t think the engines are advanced enough to figure this out?

I bet Google can. Heck, they’re saving records on everybody so they know what you search for, where you live, etc, etc

Google probably going to help usher in the anti-christ and provide the software and bandwidth to track every human being on the planet…just as soon as everybody gets tagged with RFID chips that are trackable by satellite :shifty:

Those guys at Google are very sneaky.

@KM Richards

Probably reciprocal links don’t work any more, and meta-tags and pretty much gone. I don’t know if you can get penalized though for reciprocal links, or maybe they just ignore them.

It’s one thing ignoring them, and another penalizing for them.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’ve given up on following SEO trends.

There’s so much hearsay in there and just, plain, bad advice cluttering the place; It’s just not worth it to sort through.

I stick with just a solid strategy of offering good content with proper <h1> and <title> info. Set outgoing links to nofollow. And that’s all I’ve been doing for the past three years.

Works for me.


I’ve heard they just ignore them.

You serious? Where did you read this? So you get penalized for having link exchanges? Can anybody else confirm this?

But, you gotta be careful of some family though, because they’ll smile in your face like everything is all good, but turn around behind your back the next minute and might try to bring you down, after you don’t want to share anything with them. Family feels sometimes you owe them something, just because they are related to you. That is certainly not the case. I would keep mine quiet and don’t bring any attention to it, and just act like a regular person around them…

I do agree with having to stand on your own two feet and do your best but I also believe in helping others when and where I can

Off Topic:

I agree as well that someone should stand on their own two feet, but there are situations where family can “enable” someone for years then pull the rug from under them over night and expect them to stand on there own in a weeks time which is impossible. When family is miserable them-self they get Joy in seeing someone in the family miserable or worse loosing there life, and I’ve seen this in many families including my own.

That is why I made that comment for those families that all the siblings get along in harmony I think you are rare. I know there is not a worst enemy then your own family. Family members have literally killed in some form other family members because of jealously, malicious intent or the tough love act.

Like crazybanana I would also like to link only with relevant sites (ads are maybe exempted) so if family members or friends has an unrelated site then I will say no. But if its relevant then maybe I can give away a couple of links.

There’s a difference between begging for something and proposing something mutually beneficial. The “stars” benefit doesn’t always have to be immediate, it can come later.

Drewry brings up another good point !

Families… ah… my family don’t know **** about this online stuff… they think I just play games online or just waist my time… I’ve tried to explain them thousands time what I do but it’s really hard to make them understand… as they do know about only 9-5 office jobs…:slight_smile: