July Ad Network Earnings - Any off to a slow start?

My overall CPM and fill rate have fallen since around the start of the month. Even the publisher optimizing services like Rubicon, AdMeld and Pubmatic are all down. AdMeld is down around a 50% fill compared to 90% fill. Rubicon and Pubmatics fill are around 60%, the NET CPM is down around 50%.

The networks themselves seem to be holding up in terms of CPM, but in terms of fill, there are a lot of defaults.

Are others seeing the same too?

Not sure what you mean by “fill”, but the Adsense earnings on my site are slightly up for the first couple of weeks of July, no drop off there at all.

july is always a slow month but not to worry it will pick up at the end of august. adsense is an exception

Anyone using AdMeld, Pubmatic or Rubicon Project?