Jquery subforum?

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to create a jquery subforum?

Every two topics you see a new jquery thread :slight_smile:
Perhaps it distracts javascript newbies on this forum.

Let me take it to my people and get back to you :wink:

That sounds slightly Mobster-ish : ) My people will get back to your people : )

Once you’re used to jQuery, it’s hard to go back, you have to think hard about ‘how would I do thát in javascript?’.

That about sums it up! :lol:

What about the large fraction of the questions about JQuery that only require one or two lines of JavaScript to solve? If JQuery is made a separate forum then there would be fewer people with expert JavaScript experience seeing the questions posted there and so less chance of getting the right answer.

It isn’t as if there is anything in JQuery that isn’t just plain ordinary JavaScript in the first place and so anyone using JQuery is just using JavaScript anyway.

I have seen lots of people who use JQuery without an adequate knowledge of JavaScript who use a dozen JQuery calls to do what could be done in two statements without needing to call any of the JQuery functionality at all.

Seeing how it is the most popular javascript framework I don’t see this as a bad thing.

and for the majority – dirty as anything.

jQuery makes things stupid easy. I got my first real taste of it last website we developed (http://webtest.louisville.edu) and was really surprised at how easy they made it.

Maybe bring this idea to HAWK? Though the idea recently was to cut down on subforums lest it get too messy; but yes, it seems like the “Javascript” forum is almost entirely a “jQuery” forum.

I vote for a jquery subforum. Jquery is so capable that I hardly touch native javascript anymore.