jQuery - Novice to Ninja

I recently bought “jQuery: Novice to Ninja” from Sitepoint and think I have a problem - I cant get the Form Validation Plugin (p236) to work in everyone’s favorite browser IE6 (running Win XP professional).

Has anyone found a solution to this problem ?

tbh I’m not sure about Safari/Mac…maybe download Google Chrome and try that?

Thanks Mick for that, I tried it in Safari and the same thing happens. Does that mean I have to download IE8 to get the Jquery plug-ins ?

  Ciao !!

I am having a problem downloading the plug-ins from the jquery website.
Color animations and easing, pages 78 and 79, when I click on the link to download the file, all I get is a load of code in my browser with a js.txt extension.

   I don't understand what I am doing wronge.

  Any help would be great

I had this issue with Firefox - I switched to IE8 to download it and it was fine - though I still had to change the file type to .js

I’ve got to say I am extremely disappointed with the standard of this book - how many errors in the code examples? I am trying to work my way through this book and find myself constantly expecting things to fail because of a misprint or error in the code, yes, I know there is an errata page but it isn’t really upto date. I am only upto page 78 and now I find that one of the plugins and it’s css sheet required (jScrollPane-1.2.3min.js and jScrollPane.css) do not seem to be available on the url quoted (Google Code). I have loads of php/css/html books (not a few of them from Sitepoint too) and have never had this problem with a book only just published :mad: