JQuery Novice to Ninja - examples not working in IE

I have downloaded the files from your site accompanying the book “JQuery - Novice to Ninja” and am working through them. I’m currently in Chapter 3 and have found a number of the examples do not work in IE8 or IE7. I get this error: Line:1, Char:1, Error: Invalid character. So far I have gotten this error on the following:

Ch3 Unit 1 - Animating CSS
Ch3 Unit 4 - Color Animation
Ch3 Unit 5 - Easing
Ch3 Unit 8 - Animation Queue
Ch3 Unit 9 - Animated Navigation

The other units I’ve tested that work are Units 2, 3, 6, 7, 10. They work in IE.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I’m not sure if I should continue learning with this book or learning JQuery at all, and instead go back to learning Javascript.


Strange things do happen, glad its working :slight_smile:

It would help us more to help you if we had a snippet of code to see, thanks.

I was getting a snippet of code ready to upload and put the jquery library file in the same file with the other scripts. It works. All examples work with the library script together with the other scripts rather than in a separate folder. Thanks.