jQuery hide displaying a big empty space


I have a strange thing happening when hiding the whiteboard on the page


If you click on the link Cacher it hides the whiteboard, but then there is this big empty space coming up.

I’d prefer that the hiding simply puts it as if there was nothing.

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What should happen? It should always hide? If so, then you need to remove the iframe (whiteboard_url_iframe) out of the whiteboard_url_content div because it’s got a fixed height of 300 - the textarea it swaps out for doesn’t have a height specified, which is why the space grows.

On a side note…holy scripting batman! There is a LOT of scripting on that page, and I would hate to see what happens if one of those scripts starts to fight with another…

Thanks. Yes there is quite a lot of scripting on that page, but it’s beiing used and does not yet conflict :slight_smile:

It should always hide when clicking on the Cacher link.

So I added a clearing of the iframe before hiding it and now it behaves nicely.

$(‘#whiteboard_url_iframe’).attr(‘src’, ‘’);

Thanks !

In fact, it does not behave so nicely after all, as it still displays an empty space when hiding, the empty space coming from the page content sliding down.