What a werid thing,why some of the html text aren't show?


i add some html content under the category-products div.


<h1 style=“overflow: hidden;clear: both; height: 100px;border:1px solid red;color: red;”>test</h1>…
when i refresh the page, the content show with a blash, then are hidden. why? how to correct it?

find if you forbid the js,all the content can show.what a werid thing

Well, then obviously the Javascript on the page is either hiding some elements or modifying the DOM.

Can you be a bit more specific about “under the category-products div”? Maybe post a snippet from the page source.
Then, perhaps, someone can help you narrow down the ‘offending’ piece of js code.


i add

<h1>test one</h1>
<h1 style=“clear: both; height: 100px;border:1px solid red;color: red;
<div id=“ctpage_blog” >
<ul id=“blogtitle”>
<li class=“rtab1 rtabactive”>Shipping Notice</li>
<li class=“rtab2”>Lastest Post</li>
<li class=“rtab3”>Silk Knoledge</li>
<li class=“rtab4”>Intersting Stories</li>

but the content not show. if your view the page source code.you will find the above content

Yes, as mentioned, it is being hidden by JavaScript. But looking at that long list of scripts you have there, I don’t envy your task of looking through them all to find out what bit of code is not letting your content show. Too much JS on that page. :rolleyes:

it’s too sad!

One option is to disable one script at a time (comment out the link) to see which one is causing the issue.

got it. many thanks