Hidden text leaves empty space -- how to hide?


On the left-hand menu there are menu items that are class “endcatcolor” – I want to hide these items. I’ve tried visibility: hidden and display: none but it leaves an empty space.

The menu is generated from a php include file – I don’t want to change it because it’s skinned with templates, I want the end user to be able to change templates and have the ability to see that class down the line. I’d just like to add to the current css if that’s possible??

Thanks so much!

The display:none links aren’t leaving a space, it’s the <br /> following them

One answer is to not write out a bunch of links and line breaks. Put them in an unordered list, for example, and set display:none on the entire <li> item containing the menu item you want to hide. Then there will be no space.

Be careful with display: none for any public site geared to everyone. Screen readers unfortunately obey display: none and will not read those items out. If mouse clicks or javascript is required to get the links to display, then those folks are at some disadvantage.

(if however going to another page has PHP change the settings or something, then you’re prolly ok)