Joomla Tutorials

So I’ve been searching online for some solid Joomla tutorials but I keep coming up with garbage. Maybe I’m not entering the right keywords but “Joomla Developers Tutorial” pulls up nothing useful to me anyway. I want to get started with Joomla but I’m more of a code guy instead of a admin panel guy. Anybody got some good tutorials they can link me to?

The fact is that a good Joomla developer’s tutorial is going to be hard to find. I haven’t looked for three years or so now, but I never did find anything good. Many of these complicated open source programs are not well documented from a coder’s perspective. The developers seem to think that since they know what’s going on just by looking at the code (that they wrote), you should be able to as well.

Guys, I don’t know where and how did you search and what exactly you are looking for but I have found this quite useful and I have been learning a lot from Joomla’s official documentation pages. here is the main documentation page for the developers.

:frowning: Why can’t everything be as simple as Wordpress. I’ll see what I can do with those, it looks like though alot of this is via admin panel where as i’m used to FTP/Code work.