Joomla Programming

I know a variety of languages and am always trying to learn something new. I thought it may be good to tackle Joomla! Template Programming to start as I know Wordpress and this would be a great skill to have. I went through a basic Joomla! Programming but it really just lays out how to make it. Is there a good resource to go through how Joomla works and template programming for it?

From Beginners to Advanced Tutorials/resources if there are those. And is there a secret to Joomla! Documentation i’m not understanding?

I think has a great series of joomla tutorials that cover programming as well. You might want to look into that.

Hello Vaughan101,
I checked out the tutorials and they helped immensely. The Joomla! component creation is kind of confusing to me coming from WordPress but I have no doubt I will get it with some practice and more joomla documentation and some tutorials.

Kamron Malik