Job Choice

I won’t go into details but I’ll oversimplify the situation.

If you were given an opportunity to increase 2X pay, would you do it?

Here’s the condition

  • Your current job is very fun and the people are great as well
  • People respects you and value your opinion
  • The new job will pay 2X and it’s on a new project w/ popular skills I haven’t learned yet.

If you choose to stay then what’s your reason? If you choose to leave then how would you handle the resignation?

To me, that would just depend on your financial situation. I’m in that same boat where I love my job, people respect my skill, but my pay is quite quite terrible (“entry level” + contractor = poor).

I would NOT take that new job. It’s likely, since learning new skills, you wouldn’t be at a level to where you’d get the respect you command now. I’d just try to find a job which I can be of help to. Turn this one down (IMO) and keep searching.

Now, if you are making 60k and you are being offered 120, I dunno because I’d have a hard time turning that down.

If you are desperate for money, then yes I’d take the new job. I’m just talking from my own experience and I’m in a similar boat. So that’s how I’d handle the situation.

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Good point. This position will not be for lead position as I’m not expert on those technologies. In fact, I’m quite surprised why they would reach me out. I wasn’t even looking for a job but I’ve known them (not the developers but the company). No clue on why they are desperately trying to recruit me… I’ve turned down multiple times until they gave me a number I couldn’t turn away.

Are they fully aware that you know almost nothing about these languages? You acknowledge you don’t know the languages but you haven’t said whether the company knows that.

If so, then I mean I’d talk to the developers and get a feel for the community there. No point going to a job where you’ll hate the people you work with. See if you can sit down with the team and just get a feel for how they are.

I’d almost ask them why they are so interested but perhaps that wouldn’t be wise since that might “wake them up” and get someone else.

I’d probably take it in a heartbeat. And I would put back at least 75% of my current salary for when the job doesn’t exist any more. Learning new stuff and furthering your skillset can only lead to being more employable and advancing your career.

Plus, new tech is fun.


Yes, they are fully aware of that. I think the HR folks have overestimated my reputations. I wasn’t able to meet the developers but met w/ the manager.

I’m totally with you… I just don’t have the heart to say the truth to my current team

“So… I got offered 2x pay… Peace!”

This is hard because I truly do like the current job… but god damn it… numbers do have a affect on me.

Any one of them would do exactly the same if they were in your situation.

2x a developer’s salary is no small amount of money.

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Unless the company offering the job gave me a bad feeling, I’d move forward. Learning new skills, twice the salary…

But as @RyanReese said, it depends on the situation. If I have enough to live well and save a bit, maybe the extra hours are not worth the effort.

Yet, you never know what’s going to happen in the future so extra cash (mainly for savings but also to enjoy life) is always good.

And I like learning new stuff and looks more like a growing situation more than anything else


So I’m going to make a few assumptions here

  1. You won’t have to move
  2. It won’t have an impact on your driving/parking
  3. No other hidden costs associated to the move

With that said, I’d take it. The new company obviously values you, if they are willing to keep giving you an increasing number each time you say “no”. It is true you likely won’t be in a experience level and there will be people smarter than you (or know the new languages/tech better than you), but that’s more of a reason TO GO! You will have people you can learn from again.

I did this about 3 years ago and I don’t regret it one bit (I even had to move to a new city), but in the end it was worth it (and I didn’t get an offer of 2x my pay ;)).

As for the resignation, you simply tell them the truth. You maxed out on your potential for growth and you found an opportunity that will let you get to the next level.


The first question I have to ask is: Is this a contract position, or full-time employee hire?

The next question: If it’s contract, is it just a six month contract? Or is it ‘first refusal’?



All your assumptions are correct… The new work location is just 2 blocks away from where I work. The big difference is that they don’t have a gym…oh well… I can live w/o it. No doubt, I’m already packing for the new job (at least in my mind). However, I positioned myself w/ current project where I’m literrally the ‘leg’… w/o me there won’t be a progress… why? I’m the ONLY developer in the group…also our first release is coming up very soon… I’ll stay for the release but… on day 1…is when I’ll be out… I’m pretty sure we’ll have bugs and new features that need to be implemented… This is going to be quite rough for the team. Honestly, I feel like asshole at the moment…

Yeah, that’s what I meant by putting back 75% of your current salary back for when the job doesn’t exist. Usually positions like this are not long term.

Full time job. Refused it twice and third time was the charm.

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It’s hard to predict how long… but if anything I’m good for at least 18 months. With extra money, it’s going straight into stocks :slight_smile:

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More of a reason to have a talk with your boss sooner than later. If you are leaving, talk with him. Let him know that you want to see this through the initial release and be there to train anyone they hire to replace you (which means they have to act fast).

If you are staying, no need to talk with your boss, other than to catch up on things related to the project. :smile:

Wish I could. I didn’t get the job 100%. Just waiting for verbal agreement w/ the investors. I think I’ll get that sometime next week…then I have to give 2 week notice.

Okay, I’ll rephrase, have that conversation when you can, as soon as you can :slight_smile: Nothing keeps a business relationship on good terms when leaving a company like open communication. If you don’t ever want to work at a place again, simply give poor communication about your leaving.

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Definitely! This is a place I will come back to. I really don’t want to burn the bridges… Hard to come up w/ really good reason they can understand…

Tell them the truth.

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