JavaScript Crashing IE8?

For some reason, a website that I work on ( is freezing unexplainably in IE8. The site works fine in IE9, FireFox, Chrome, Safari. I get no Javascript errors in the console for Chrome, and have been digging for hours trying to find the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

When I remove the stylesheets the page loads in IE8
The module stylesheets are okay, it’s one of the sites/all stylesheets
It’s something in the fancybox stylesheet causing IE8 to crash.

It’s the IE part of the fancybox stylesheet at the end of the fancybox CSS file, that causes IE8 to stop responding.

Moving thread to the CSS forum.

Well the first step to any debugging is validating your code. Since Paul has identified that the fancy CSS file is causing the crash, validate the file here :).

I went and ran the CSS through there and found 11 errors, some pretty big. Might be the culprit.