Problem with website CSS in IE8

Hi Guys, I’ve managed to get my website to display in every browser except for IE8, could someone please explain how I can get it to display in IE8 easily or whether I’ll need to overhaul the CSS design?

The website is and I’ve tried editing the CSS to no avail so far :frowning: Very frustrating!

did you tried validating your site


it doesnt appear correctly in chrome, the menu is off

Check this section of your code.

<!-- <div class="logo">Unit 3/117 Dixon Rd<br />
Rockingham WA 6168<br />
Phone: (08) 9527 5984<br />
Fax: (08) 9527 5988<br />
<a href="/profile.php">Profile</a> | 
<a href="/contact-us.php">Contact Us</a> </div>
<div id="HeaderContent">
<span id="NavDirector"></span>
<!-- <img src="/img/fitness-equipment.jpg" class="FastFitness" /> -->

Notice the tags used to comment-out a section of code starts at the beginning of what I copied, continues to another start tag, then has an end tag.

That may not be the cause of your menu relocation, but it does cause stray characters to show up under the image at the top of the page.

If you want your page to load faster, you should scale your images before you upload them. Downloading a 1772x1238 image that fits into a 170x189 spot wastes bandwidth, and distorts the image.

Hi, as said above you have massive amoiunts of HTML errors and you also have a few CSS errors. They are most likely your cause. There isn’t any point in debugging unless we have a valid page, because the error could simply be fixed by using valid HTML :slight_smile: