Javascript clock set

Looking at doing 'New York, ‘London’ & ‘Tokyo’ traditional round clocks (basic black outlines) should these really be done with javascript? ( and not to be too picky, but it would be great if it was compatible with nearly all browsers/the latest )

Is there anything proprietary about this?

Can real time updates be done with javascript – also, what if I am not linked to an external site?

I have noticed the graphic portion being done with a “canvas” tag that I am unfamilair with (html5)

  • Much much appreciate thoughts on this.

JavaScript is the ideal choice for real time updates.

It is even possible to do analog clocks entirely with JavaScript (or at least all of the actual content of the clockface - you might need an image to supply the rest of the clock)

My page shows three analog clocks generated with nothing but JavaScript and the associated pages contain the script used along with instructions on how to add it to a web page and custimise the appearance. The only thing it doesn’t show is how to apply a background image that supplies the rest of the clock.