Analog Clock which works in IE 6?

Any ideas where I can get a free one from?

Like on the bbc website.

Many thanks

Try - it should work in IE5+.

Thanks for the reply.

I have no choice its for an intranet, I have no say it whats installed.

First you should ask yourself, why look for one that works in a browser that is no longer supported and updated since 2008?

You should really consider upgrading, IE6 is dead mate.

Well, then I’d talk someone that has a decision call. Not only do most web 2.0 sites not work properly anymore in IE6, the security risk it brings has become quite huge too. You really shouldn’t work with such outdated software, intranet or otherwise.

But to get back on topic, whick clock(s) have you tried yet and do you get any errors when trying to display them?