Script to refresh the returned time as the second runs

I wanted to put a live running clock without having to refresh the browser to update the time every time to know the actual time. The script below will return the time but it won’t automatically keeping refreshing unless clicking F5

  $currentdate = date("F j, Y,"); 
  $currenttime = date( "h:i:s A");
  echo " Current Date: $currentdate<br>
         Current Time: $currenttime<p>";     

Use JavaScript.

A PHP clock shows the time on the server.
A JavaScript clock shows the time on the client.

The correct time is shown by using a pre-existing solution, such as this one from which allows for timezone and daylight savings.

I think the javascript clock would be the appropriate one since I want each user to be able to watch their time.

thank you pmw57 for the website reference.