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As pointed out by oliverjaynes in this reply Servlets and JSP’s shouldn’t be thought of as two separate technologies. I hope that most if not all of the links presented here highlight this fact.

Note that this list assumes prior knowledge of the Java programming language and doesn’t contain direct links to Java as such. The more competent you are with Java the easier your understanding of JSP (and particularly servlets) will be.
Please feel free to add your own links and/or suggest improvements :slight_smile:

Sitepoint’s Server side Java tutorials (index)
in particular:
Java Servlets Part 1 & [url=]Java Servlets part 2
Introduction to the Java Standard Tag Library
Enterprise Java Beans: A primer Part 1, [url=]Part 2, [url=]Part 3

External to Sitepoint:
Sun/JGuru JSP Fundamentals JSP tutorial (no new content only archives) tutorials (Servlets and JSP are towards the bottom of the page)
JSP Tutorial
Tutorial on Java Servlets and JSPs

Official JSP (Sun’s) website ([url=]Documentation)

O’Reilly Java Database Best Practices (not much on beginning JSP but very useful) ([url=]free chapter (PDF))
Beginning JSP 2.0


Development tools:
Tomcat (free webserver)
JEdit (Java based code editor)


Beginning JSP 2: From Novice to Professional [Paperback]

Apress now publishes it …

Servlets and JSP are essentially the same thing. Jsp’s are basically HTML files which contain embedded java code. The idea behind JSP is to seperate the role of a web developer from a java developer. Java functionality can be acheived by defining custom tags. When the Servlet container instantiates a JSP it is compiled to a Servlet. Servlets involve embedding HTML into the java code which is deemed to be poor design, particularly in large enterprize applications

Servlets and JSP are essentially the same thing…

True. In my experience though people often mistake the two for separate technologies. I will highlight your point in the original post, thanks for the feedback.

Stylus studio as JSP editor.

Servlets and JSP’s should be thought of differently, but really are the same thing. But I’ve noticed a lot of posts on this forum about JavaScript problems, which is a very different thing. JavaScript is a client side technology and is mainly related to browser functionality. Please post JavaScript questions to the JavaScript forum.

I highly recommend Martin Fowlers Patterns of Enterprise Architecture which has examples in java and c#. I’m about half way through and it goes a long way to explain how to build scalable apps. Pretty heavy reading though - will prbably take a re-read to assimilate all the info in there.

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Java servlet packages and classes reference:


Head first servlets and jsp’s. Excellent book layout for those of you with short attention spans (Like me :smiley: )

This is a course with assignments and solutions(open source):

Internet Programming 2 - Java Servlets

>>‘Servlets and JSP’s shouldn’t be thought of as two separate >>technologies. I hope that most if not all of the links presented here >>highlight this fact.’

Sorry guys, this stetement is absolutely wrong. :confused: Servlets and JSP ARE very different and may not even be compared as technologies. As long as they serve pretty different purposes. Servlets is a (very useful) standard API of communication of server-side Java code with Application (Web) Server. Through that API and server we get communication with Internet HTTP clients or other servers. Note that there is a lot of succesful implementations that use only servlets and do not use JSP at all.

JSP is a technology with much narrower scope. It is a technology of generation of HTML code controlled from Java. It may or not be used with Servlets.

In fact there are alternative and much better technologies that are developed explicitly to replace JSP in Servlet-JSP pair. Those are numerous user-tags and templates engines. The latest is so called “Hybrid Server Pages” technology you may find on the This one chose the way of merging HTML and Java languages as such and to my opinion has a potential to beat JSP (and PHP and more others).


The Ruby language running on top of the JVM:

I know there are many half-baked languages running on top of the JVM, but this one has to be special, or otherwise why would SUN bother to hire the lead developers :cool:

JRuby is compatible with Ruby 1.8.4
The goal to run Ruby on Rails on JRuby is pretty close to completion.
Apparently a Netbeans plugin is being worked on that will support JRuby.

Right now JRuby is quite slow compared to CRuby, but as the main developer explains, JRuby didn’t had a strong leadership, and it was implemented originally as a set of hacks written by many different developers that came, contributed, and ran away … a refactoring is underway, and the future looks bright, speedwise.

Here is a premium tutorial on java. It is 60% complete and should be finshed by this may. I think it is worthy to add to your collection.

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.java ranch

Servlet and JSP called as J2EE…Both the JSP and Servlet using for web designing…

In the servlet we should put the code separately for HTML and servlet …but in the JSP we can put the code in a single page both HTML and JSP code…

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