What books do you recommend as best for learning JSP and Java


What book do you recommend as the best, that is easiest to read and follow with practical examples, for learning JSP?

And similarly what book do you recommend as best for learning Java?

In both cases I am looking for a book to teach a beginner.
FYI, I am very good with programming in php & MySQL.



lot of book for java and jsp
for java you could try bruce eckel thinking in java
btw head series is really good too


I am 1st interested in learning JSP.
I know JSP is based on Java so learning Java 1st is very good, but from all I
can see one can delve into learning JSP before hand. FYI, I do some JSP
development already. I am mainly a php developer, but have taken over
many parts of our sites that are in JSP and doing pretty well :slight_smile:
But sure would like to find out of the best JSP self learning book.


Usualy with jsp we use some frameworks like hibernate,struts,jsf and so on.
So there is a lot for us to read.Here are some books

Thanx for this list of 500 books on Java :slight_smile:
But what I was looking for was People’s opinion as to which one book is the BEST book for learning JSP?


Before you begin in JSP, you should learn the basics of the Java language. “Thinking in Java” by Bruce Eckel. It’s available free on his site: http://www.mindview.net/Books/TIJ/

Thanks for your suggestion.

But I am really looking for a book, that can carry and read with sample
source code, that is about learning JSP quickly.
I mean I do not need the full blown Java learning right now where one
can develop applications and applets, but just need to master JSP
development for purpose of dynamic Web site development.


JSP is nothing other than Java and HTML combined. What ever dynamic part of JSP you write you will need to do it in Java. However, I’ve used this book before and found it pretty good:




Thanks for sharing that.

If you want a good resource for learning JSP and JAVA, try video tutorials. Search “java video tutorial”.