Want to find tutorial for JSP


I try many times to find some tutorials that can give me guidelines to create JSP page using Java using dreamweaver on Google.

can u provide me url and link download PDF about tutorial JSP using dreamweaver


If you want to learn about JSP and Servlets, buy the book Murach’s Java Servlets and JSP

Very good book.

You’re welcome


I can’t provide you any URLs because they probably don’t exist. My best advice would be to try google but I assume you’ve done that already.

You probably can’t find anything because using JSP with Dreamweaver is not a good idea. There’s actually a pretty good JSP tutorial here on Sitepoint, http://articles.sitepoint.com/article/parts-1-8-tagged-bagged,. It’s pretty old and there are some differences in the newer versions although the basics taught in this tutorial should still be valid and useful. If not … Google is your friends. The Sun/Oracle web site is not a bad place to start either. And please please don’t use Dreamweaver to develop Java applications. Try Eclipse or Netbeans (both free) or IntelliJ (Not free).

Thanks for your advise