January 2010 Photo Showcase: Flowers

Hey everyone

So we’re having this month’s theme as “flowers”. Lets see some colourful beautiful flowers. :slight_smile:

An excellent, bright and cheerful start to the year!

I’ve got quite a few flowers in my archive, so I’ll pull some out later when I’m @ home. :tup:

I have thousands of flowers, I’ll search for them. :smiley:

the last rose of the year – in canada, in november, when it starts to get cold

I think I may have used these in SP threads before, but here it goes anyway :slight_smile:

A vase that was positioned on our dining table (fold-away, next to a white wall)

Tulips! (More cut flowers :shifty: )

Nice. I’ve got some flowers too in my archive. Although, I’ll be taking photos this weekends. So, get ready! :wink:

here’s one of my photos:

Here was a rose after a brief rain shower:

Nice to see some outdoor flowers!

Lovely capture of the dew on those, Warp. :slight_smile: Bravo.

Taken in Tunis, Africa at a WWII cemetery after a light sprinkle.

Nice photos guys. WarpNacelle, dew on the flower looks quite good. :slight_smile:

This flower is just outside my place, my mom had it planted, dunno what its name is.

These are home grown and bred orchids of a good friend of mine, here’s two of my personal favorites. Enjoy :slight_smile:

That is a very nice illustration, rapo007. Welcome to the Sitepoint forum.

Remember, this is a Photography forum topic.

And, as a reminder to all, there is an unwritten rule that all photographs posted here must be YOUR original work.

Well I hope you can forgive me for not knowing the unwritten rules :wink: Those I posted were taken from a friend of mine.

My photography skills are rather novice, but hopefully that’ll change now that Santa brought me a proper camera.

Here are some shots I grabbed with the old point & shoot.

From our front yard:

From our summer home in northern Ontario:

From our trip to Holland in 2007:

Do you guys think a sticky thread with a set of guidelines is in order?

a) Must be photographs, not graphics.
b) Can include photo-manipulation (photoshop work)
c) Must be your own work or have permission from copyright-holder to re-post.
d) Must be on-topic shots :wink:

Any suggestions to add to that list are welcome.

Nice shots cydewaze! :slight_smile:


The list sounds good to me.

I love photography so this forum caught my eye. I take hundreds of photos and once in a while get a few I like. These are from my garden.

Hope this worked… first post! :slight_smile:

Great idea! I concur.

{And apologies to markbrown4. The remark was NOT intended to be disrespectful.}

May 2008, the Rose Garden in Rome.
I had to scale them down a lot to put them on my website, the original photo’s are much better. But still they ain’t bad (of course, all merit goes to the roses ;)):