Can post photos in this section?

Hi there… just a quick question… to moderator… before make a mistake.

As is not really a “photography forum” but a “webmaster forum” it is possible to post here in this very category of sitepoint my shots around Asia and Italy?

My idea is to post 4 or 5 pics each post (all pics usually related on the same subject or place) write some text about the photos and get comments from people.

Or… is just to discuss about software and tech on digital photography.???

Let me know

Although we won’t allow you to post a photo gallery here, we do have several [B]Photo Challenge[/B] threads. If some of your photos fit into those threads you are welcome to post them there. Other than that, you may post a photo or photos to illustrate a photographic technique or point (such as the [URL=“”]rule of thirds). Just make sure you post the text with it as well so people know why you are posting a photo.

Thank you for the info!

Could be fun having a thread for photo critiques in this section…
I always like bashing a photo with tons of technical details, and than claiming that it’s positive building critique :slight_smile:

In case I will be definitely in… there is a photo critique section also in other webmaster forum actually… I use to post already regularly in 2 of them and always get interesting comment on my photos.

You can probably post your photos in the Reviews forum for critique. However, that forum is moderated and in order to have your review accepted, you will need to follow the rules in the [URL=“”]Important Sticky at the top of the page.

I know that section of the forum and is ok if you have to ask for a review of your website but is not ok to comment a group of 4 or 5 pic :frowning:

Photographs are design elements and your can request a critique of design elements, but first you must follow the guidelines in the sticky.