I've been Pwned :(

Perhaps others should check their status:

Today’s email:

|from:|Charlene Buzard<lqbrigidrm@outlook.com>|
|to:|“fred@gmail.com” <fred@gmail.com>|
|date:|Dec 21, 2018, 5:35 AM|
|subject:|fred - B4n8k0k|


Fortunately the password is currently valid but on sites which I no longer frequent.

Must go the cleaners have just arrived, back again after lunch :slight_smile:

Fantastic. You’re going to pay, obviously?


The cleaners have arrived? Aren’t they supposed to take you to them? :taped:


I followed the instructions by copying and pasting the Bitcoin casesensitive string but Google could not find any relevant pages?

Three of the apartment’s cleaners come on demand rather than a regular basis and cost 500 Baht for a couple of hours. They always make a grand job. I have yet to be taken to the cleaners :slight_smile:

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Well there’s your problem - Google was nowhere in the instructions :wink:

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It’s here.


It’s a scam/trap!!!

Be cool, just don’t act on the message! :sunglasses:

I’ve read about that fishing strategy a few times but can’t recall any link atm, will post links later.

I think https://krebsonsecurity.com/ has an article and advice for this,

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I would hope that everyone here was fully aware of that from the start.


And I’m inclined to jump into conclusions. :wink:


Here’s a link to the article about the investigation “Krebs on Security” published in August:


Dang John, what did you do? You must have gotten someone beyond mad that they had recordings of your nasty. :lol:

I checked mine and none of mine were compromised.


No offense; sure that site isn’t harvesting email addresses and their status?

We all know how to earn extra money: :wink:

Yes I’m a daily visitor at that site, and many others about security issues. :blush:

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I think https://haveibeenpwned.com/ is legit. I had the same thought when I first heard about it.


Instead of checking your personal emails, try a friends’ :slight_smile:

I checked a couple of my very, very old jrutherford_uk Hotmail and Yahoo accounts and they were clear? Only the later Gmail accounts were compromised.

I just checked again and these were some of the surprising results where you may have accounts:

My feeble attempt at a personal solution is to restrict sensitive information because if hackers really and truly want your data there is no satisfactory solution:

According to expert Eugene Kaspersky, the worm also infected a nuclear power plant in Russia. Kaspersky noted, however, that since the power plant is not connected to the public Internet, the system should remain safe.[34]

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Come to think of, as this thread doesn’t reveal any personal details other than your old email address (that I’m sure a mod could remove), this topic could be appropriate in the community category.

What do you think, @John_Betong and @Gandalf about moving this thread?

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No problem as long as my emails are removed.

Also Googling for the following reveals numerous interesting results,

I have the recording of your cam showing your nasty sexual doings and video you streamed with the help of my backdoor which was there on the site you watched the adult video. In the tape you are actually looking exciting.

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Perhaps you were more careful or just very lucky :slight_smile:

I hope so. I try to practice standard security practices so I try to make my passwords as hard as I can. Plus, I usually remember my passwords as sequences so it isn’t really that hard for me to remember.

The problem is there still a lot of sites storing plain text passwords and there is no way for you to know that they are.