Its is good to re-optimize your whole site after Penguin update?

My website ranking is down for some quality keywords after Penguin Updates. So i wants to know that i need to re-optimize my website or keep doing quality off page optimization.

Reoptimize it according to the Penguin.

Get quality backlinks of websites with authority and avoid low quality ones, don’t do keyword stuffing and in general focus on making a quality website.

If you have suffered in the search results because of Penguin, you need to stop doing all the things that Penguin penalises. If you haven’t been doing any of the things that Penguin penalises then it may just be coincidence that your site has dropped.

At very first, you should remove unnatural and bad backlink for your website/webpage by manually, through email conversation with site’s authority person or with the help of disallow tool. First give preference to manually then after email and disallow tool.

Refer this link how to do this

After that you should go for reoptimize and link building of your website by keeping the guidelines of Google in the mind because it will help to get quality backlinks which will help to get better ranking in the search engine for targeted keywords.

First find your bad links, non-relevant link and remove it and if you are not able to remove it then use google disavow tools. Then optimize website with quality content, Don’t target exact keywords or exact match anchor text. Submit on High PR website…Generate quality links only.

If you have been affected by Penguin it means you have a problem with links pointing to your site.
You need to go through the backlinks in Google Webmaster tools and check each one to see if it’s a high quality link or just garbage.

Make a list of all bad links you have and submit them to Google using the Disavow tool.
That’s the cleaning up process.

After that you need to start getting high quality links to your site from respectable websites / blogs / forums.

That’s the only way to recover from Penguin

All these updates, in short, are trying to even the playing fields. They basically are penalizing those that have made seo (black and white) a priority over the years. Google wants you to make a pretty and fast site. In page seo it. Get a Facebook and twitter account. And then site back and wait. Because most of us do not have the time to wait for the 5 years that will take we do other things. It’s these other things that google now may punish. Google f-ed up and now are trying to fix their algorithm. It will come to a head when they penalize Backlinks. FYI that has always been google main way of accessing rank.

I agree with you except they don’t want you to sit and wait, they want you to kick-ass on social media and keep producing high quality content

Thanks for the valuable ans and the ref links you provide, I will follow all the suggestion and guidelines suggested…

Thanks for your valuable time and suggestion, but if i have more then 5000 - 10,000 links in Webmaster Tool then how can i identify one by one. Is there any simple method to find out bad links.

You have to do it manually only. Here is one more link which will help to identify bad/harmful links

You’ve to do SEO for your website as per Google latest Panda-Penguin updates.


What you should have been doing all along is writing web pages with interesting content that people want to read. That way uoi will get natural links from relevant related sites as many who see how worthwhile your content is attempt to improve the value of their own site by linking to you. That way you are targetting what the search engines are attempting to achieve regardless of any changes they may make to their algorithms along the way to try to dump all of those who are targetting their pages at the search engine algorithms rather than at the real live audience.

  • this is the First & most important thing website owners use to do at the time of creating their site! And after that - they use to do some SEO for their site.

Re-optimize it with White Hat SEO. Write more quality content that is compelling and helpful to readers. Eliminate back links that give bad reputation to your site by using the Disavow Tool.

No - that first thing is the only thing needed for SEO - anything more and you may end up ranked higher but fewer real people will stay once they find the page.

According to me there is no need to re-optimize your site. As you and everyone knows the google algorithm and its rules so according to its need you will have to clean all your work. You should check the backlinks and content. You can check your broken backlinks here -

Hope this technique will help you to some extent.

Google itself confirmed that the impact wouldn’t be as high as many thought – maybe this is just the calm before the storm and the big update is really coming in the future.

If you suppose to Re-Optimize your website after Penguin Update this will be an advantage for you, check your content if find a little bit duplicate make it update with unique and fresh one that will be most advantageous approach. else loss of the ranking will make you known to make some immediate changes.