How to recover from google penguin update

Has anyone developed or cameup with a way to recover from google pengui update? Spend hours trying to find something legit but its all the same old stuff people suggest

First off all you have to check your affected part and after that you have to change it accordingly. So You may get free from the search Engine Penalty. i.e. If you have Keyword Stuffing Problem then Change your Content and solve your Problem so than after your site will be free from Google Penalty.

Ok I too have been scouring the web o spahere and came up with 1 nugget:

But I whilst i know how to identfy inbound links that may have a naughty commercial terms in there for the life in me i cant see how to stop that inbound link :frowning:

If I find out I’ll post beack here omego :slight_smile:

I am surprised at people thinking this new penguin alogorithm got people saying SEO is dead. On the contrary it just means we now need to have to add to out ool base. In other words we need to analyse changes we have made and reverse them in isolation in order to track down the issue. I recently took one keyword out of a page, reduced density and the page went form page 4 to page 2.

As far as problems with inbound links. Not sure about this but 301 redirects prevent links to a page? True it means re-doing the good ones but if you have been penalised at least there is something you can do.


as usual normal tips like; don’t make over optimize your site, importance for quality links, make user attractive functionality, most important is unique content…

As usual normal tips we should be follow if site penalize by penguin update…

  1. Don’t try to make more anchor text with same keywords, try some branding keywords for your business too
  2. Use fresh and unique content
  3. Try to get backlinks from authority websites
  4. Remove all unrelated links on your website.
  5. Only obtain backlinks by guest posting on relevant sites or by providing great content.
  6. Try and get links to your site with different anchor texts.
  7. Try and get links to your site with different anchor texts.
  8. Try and include only contextual links.

After the penguin update the ways which were to be used for recovering from it were:
Use different keywords for making anchor text.
Use fresh and unique content in website.
Receive backlinks only from authorized websites.
Remove all unrelevant contents from the website.

too many people giving misleading information about the penguin update, backlinks do not matter s much…penguin is not a penalty, rather just some of the links are being de-indexed due to bad quality of content on the host website…

so do not worry too much about your website too much…just do not try to find a quick fix…keep building ethical links with a sensible link building process…

Write fresh contents for User not for the search engine.
Use long tail keywords in anchor text.
Get back links from C block and authority pages.
Build a refine internal linking structure to increase the bounce rate.
remove the unnecessary tags and keywords from your posts.
Don’t Use your main targeted keyword or exact match keyword in your link building campaign. ( Use variations )

Don’t shift your focus on worrying about the bad links to your site. You should place your focus on creating more links that have a higher value that those backlinks. I know this would be something that’s a bit old, but if kicking a site out of the search result rankings was that easy, a lot of people would have been doing that ever since just for them to go to the top. Google’s Matt Cutts has supported this in a video. I forgot which one that was about, but he said that they made it hard for the competitors to hurt another competitor.

About the Penguin update, it’s best if you’re going to focus more on the content creation rather than the link building itself. Yes, you can still build links, but it’s a lot better if you’re going to think of the people more than how your site will increase its rankings on Google’s search results page.

All these people who have solutions for recovering from Penguin… have any of them actually done it?? It is just the same stuff that gets rolled out every time, without anyone saying “I found this/these things wrong, I fixed it, and my rankings came back”.
“Use fresh and unique content” wow, great, thanks, I’d never have thought of that. “try to get backlinks from authority websites” - another revelation!!
Those who were deliberately using methods that were outside of the guidelines know what they need to do (at least in part) to put things right. But for those who weren’t, it is a different situation. I believe that there are some specifics of this update that haven’t come to light yet, and until there are more reports of actual recovery, we aren’t going to know what they are.

The most effective way to increase your search engine rankings is get more relevant links from high authority sites. That is, try to get more natural links as they are an indication of great content.

Beware from the following types of backlinks -
Links intended to manipulate PageRank
Links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web
Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)
Buying or selling links that pass PageRank

When you apply all above suggestions, start thinking about Social SEO, Google+, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.,
especially Google+ which may have been included in the algorithm.

I have a query for you all Sitepoint people!
What if the links which the sites have acquired from some low quality sites (responsible for the Penguin penalty ) ! and the worst scenario is that You can’t contact those webmasters to get removed the links, what would be the most possible way for recovering?