It's competition time! Post in June and win big!

We’ve had all sorts of people win in the past :slight_smile: trust me, it’s not about who is likable but rather who adds value to the forums.

The winners will be selected on their cuteness. And everyone loves kitties!

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Except for birds… :wink:


I’m not surprised that birds don’t like kitties. They fear for their very own lifes…

But then, I’m not suprised that kitties want to kill birds… especially some birds… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some birds are so old though, that the cat is probably doing them a favor by putting them out of their misery.

Absolutely. And these old birds don’t like to face reality. Instead of accepting that they’re old… they like to think that they’re wise and experienced

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Even birds have to admit kitties are cute. We all know when birds go on the internets, they too look at cat photos.

My dog loves birds and cats—but not in a way that they appreciate.


Dusts of his Social Media hat and plunges in for the rewards!


Tat’s a spirit…!!!

The month of June for the year 2015 is now history

oooh, and may the judges also dress up in weird sparkly semi-niveau renaissance costumes!

Like this?


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Winners will be announced soon!

hotly whooooaaaa :scream:

i’m excited to know who will be the winner!

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Has there been any headway in determining the winners of the contest?

There are somethings that real men shouldn’t wear!