SitePoint Supertweet Competition

SitePoint Supertweet Competition


This month, we have a REALLY SIMPLE competition for you! All you have to do is tweet something about the SitePoint forums to win a cool prize. SitePoint is offering books for the three funniest, most creative or most flattering tweets. There will also be a prize for the tweet that gets the most re-tweets.

How it Works

Post your Twitter tweet(s) about these forums (or perhaps just your favorite forum here). Add the hash tag #lovesitepoint. Then quote that tweet in this thread, with a link to the tweet*.

* To get the link to the tweet: (1) go to the tweet on Twitter; (2) click the time link the top right of the tweet; (3) and then copy the URL and paste it here.

An example post might read:


A hat tip to the SitePoint forums and its great thread discussions. I learn something new every day. [COLOR=“#008000”][U][noparse][/noparse][/U][/COLOR] #lovesitepoint

[U][COLOR=“#FF8C00”]Link to this tweet[/COLOR][/U]



  • You can post as many tweets as you like
  • Quote your tweets in this thread (one per post) as shown above. Make sure to provide a direct link to the tweet
  • Add the #lovesitepoint hash tag to your tweet
  • We will post the winners in this thread
  • If there are lots of great entries, there will be some ebook prizes available too
  • Entries will close on May 21st.

So good luck, and get tweeting! (I’m sure you can do a lot better than my bland effort above!)

PS: if you have any comments or questions, post them in this Announcement thread so we can keep this thread just for entries. :slight_smile:

How did SitePoint help me save a cat from a big dog after I slipped on a banana peel?.RT this to learn! #lovesitepoint

@sitepoint forums, more stick than you code a poke at #lovesitepoint!/DeveloperSteve/status/199682402585554944

Got a site in sight? Then cite your site to incite some insight! SitePoint site reviews: #lovesitepoint

[COLOR=“#FF8C00”]Link to Tweet[/COLOR]

(OK guys, I can’t compete—I just want to make you groan. You can do better, I’m sure. :smiley: ) forums lets u and ur web teams grow to the advanced needs of today’s Web industry. #lovesitepoint

Link to tweet

Getting board? SitePointForums is the best answer I can give to you. SPF, better way to enjoy! #lovesitepoint

Link to tweet

Have your point to be pointed to others, Pointless point will never be pointed again. #lovesitepoint

Link to tweet


I came, I saw, I coded. Caesar the day! Conquer your code at SitePoint’s web developer forums: #lovesitepoint

[COLOR=“#FF8C00”]Link to Tweet[/COLOR]

Don’t want SitePoint to kill kittens, RT this :stuck_out_tongue: #lovesitepoint!/cjchestnut/status/200178869322514432

Sitepoint Forums: a place where web developers can explore topics in depth and discuss code, standards #lovesitepoint

link to tweet

Had a link to a sitepoint thread spread around earlier today too… nice way to spread discussion.

Do you remember the May? SitePoint does. #lovesitepoint

Link to Tweet

Your code weak? Don’t freak! Just seek a geek to peek and tweak. SitePoint coding forums: #lovesitepoint

[COLOR=“#FF8C00”]Link to Tweet[/COLOR]

@Stomme_poes Your Twitter background should get a prize! :lol:

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious not Mary Poppins but #lovesitepoint PHPJsHtmlDbWritingPhotosPM(thumbsUp)CommunityCSSAllThingsTech

Link to Tweet

Not atrocious, great, mind spins real late, brain tadpole end as Royalty Frog http://www.sitepoint/forums/ your top tech dog. #lovesitepoint

Link to Tweet

Interested in the modern way to publish your ideas? Then learn everything you need to know. #lovesitepoint

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Shock News Exclusive: web industry rocked by revelations of virtual slave workforce: #lovesitepoint

[COLOR=“#FF8C00”]Link to Tweet[/COLOR]

Too much useful stuff on the Sitepoint forums. Nearly always first site I google for coding answers. #lovesitepoint

Link to this tweet (apologies if URL is shown differently, they both point to the same place)

Dont press “Submit Error Log”, it’ll only end up where my Santa Letters do :frowning: Press “Post New Thread” at Sitepoint instead :slight_smile: #lovesitepoint

Unfortunately, I just started the Twitter account and have only 4 followers :cry: I think more people will see it from this post lol!

Another Day, Another problem? Another Thread –> Another Win! #lovesitepoint

Link to le tweet.

Code messed up? Don’t worry: elves will fix it while you sleep! Sound like a fairy tale? Think again: #lovesitepoint

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