It's competition time! Post in June and win big!

Dusts of his Social Media hat and plunges in for the rewards!


Tat’s a spirit…!!!

The month of June for the year 2015 is now history

oooh, and may the judges also dress up in weird sparkly semi-niveau renaissance costumes!

Like this?


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Winners will be announced soon!

hotly whooooaaaa :scream:

i’m excited to know who will be the winner!

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Has there been any headway in determining the winners of the contest?

There are somethings that real men shouldn’t wear!

I think the answer will be posted soon.

Thank you Molona

Hey everyone, thanks for a great month of forum discussion and debate. After lots of chin rubbing and discussion, the forum volunteers have decided to award major and minor prizes for the following members:

Major prizes

Minor prizes

If you are on the winners’ list, please Message me here with your EMAIL and POSTAL addresses so we can ship you your swag. :smile:

Thanks very much for everyone’s ongoing participation. In this new age of social media, it’s nice to see that there’s still a place for long-form forum discussions. Long live the forums!


Wow! Cool. That is twice I’ve won something with Sitepoint. :blush:

Congrats to everyone else too!


Thank you for the recognition and accolades;

Well done to everyone else!

Congratulations, all.

Keep up the great contributions. You know they’re appreciated.

Congratulations to all! Well done and keep it up!

I did suggest that they should send the prizes my way but for some reason they’re not doing it… :stuck_out_tongue: