It looks like it could work great in theory but in reality

st a quick disclaimer, i’m relatively new to the world of affiliate marketing. I stumbled across this article and it struck a cord with me. … ng-easily/

When I read about this strategy it really appealed to me because it seems like it a pretty practical way to do affiliate marketing. Its logical isnt it? Just post comments with some value along with your affiliate link under a couple dozen new blog posts a day and you should end up with a nice 50-100 dollars a day for about an hours work. It seams feasible to me but in practice i’m skeptical about how effective it would actually work.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts/opinions/suggestions/pointers on whether or not this looks like an effective strategy and whether I should invest my time on implementing this strategy. Thanks

Welcome to the forums, @2020mcrae.

It looks as if your link got scrambled somewhere along the way. Did you mean this?

Yep thats the one!

Before you implement this strategy, you also need to gauge some factors.
Do you have the skills needed to write unique content or create a landing page?
Is your budget enough for the tools that you need for this strategy?
And are you willing to spend a lot of time on this?

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