Hello All,

We are looking into Clickbank as an option to offer to our partner sites…anybody have any experience with them? Good, or bad?


Offering it as an option in what sense, exactly?

Customers ask us if we can suggest a way for them to make money off their site; in that sense.

So anybody have any comments on Clickbank?

Based on the quick google research I just did (Clickbank reviews, updated in last month), it looks to be a process which can be easily gamed, which would make me really concerned about it’s viability and stability.

We’ve been testing them out for a few days now and we’re still not getting the impression this is moving much…that’s why we were interested in sharing with others about what their experiences were.

Let’s see…

In my experience, Clickbank products only work when you have a thin affiliate page focusing on a niche and selling the product. It does not work as much if you own a website in the general category and put up a banner promoting the clickbank product on the sidebar.

Of course it depends on what you are selling. There are quite a few Clickbank products that can work even on a general category website. But what I’ve mentioned above is my experience with the majority of them.

Clickbank works great if you’re a list builder who promotes money-making products. However, I would never promote a Clickbank product that I don’t believe in. Many of the people who create these Clickbank products are complete liars. The money they’re showing you was generated by sending emails out to their list of past buyers. Not by using the system that they’re selling.