Issues with IE

Hi I am having some issues with IE7 and IE8 on this site and I am hoping you could help me solve them. Login(demo, demo)

Basically when you hover on the social media icons just above the footer, the icons seem to displace themselves to the right on hover, something which does not happen on other browsers.

Also when you click on the search (lens) button in the menu and hover a bit downwards with the cursor, you will see that the lens does not look good as it looks in firefox or chrome, for example. How would I fix that?


doesn’t happen to me (IE7).

Sorry I meant to the left, I can see it happening on IE8 at least.

I don’t see any displacement, left nor right.

Might be happening on IE8 only then

I didn’t notice the issue in IE8 either.:slight_smile:

thanks, what about the search icon issue?

I think the search lens is a jquery problem with opacity and pngs in IE. IE makes the background black when animated so it looks like IE has been given a reduced quality gif instead.

I may be mistaken though as it’s a bit hard to debug that section though with all that’s going on there.

I do not see anything that is different when viewed in earlier version of IE compared to ie8 or firefox 4 beta.

Screenshots of what you want it to be and What you see in ie 8 & 7 would be nce