IE 7 Problems

Hello there,

I’m working on a site for a client and I’m somewhat new to this…

Can some take a look at the images below?

IE - ie | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Chrome - chrome | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

As you can see the logo and navigation has moved down a bit.

I doing this site in wordpress using the themeatic theme (that says is IE compliment) and I’m having an issue with IE 7. All the other browsers look fine. Just IE 7.

What can be causing this?



Ahh got it. I’m working on this locally and it’s not uploaded anywhere yet. When I get it up I’ll post a link. They don’t even have hosting yet.


I kinda solved it with the logo. I basically removed anything that floated added absolute positions and moveed everything via margin top and left. I hear that’s not a good method to use but darn it, it worked. Is there a better way?


A static photo doesn’t tell us WHY it’s broken… if you don’t post a link to the full markup and CSS there isn’t a lot anyone here is going to be able to tell you as there are hundreds of different ways of coding what you have!

You’ve fallen into the “and this is why we can’t help you” trap.