IE7 Background Image Issues and IE6 Image skewing

Hello All! I’ve been a big fan of Sitepoint for a while and well I’m at my wits end with solving a few issues.

I’m currently re-designing a website for a freelance client. It’s in development up on my server and I’m having issues testing it, in IE8 / Firefox / Chrome / Safari the 3 social icons in the footer appear, fine. But in IE7 they disappear.

I’m pretty sure I missed something, but a fresh set of eyes on this would be great!

The other set of issues comes with IE6 :lol: of course.

The social icons appear below the footer, skewed vertically at about 75% they look squished, and the login-menu doesn’t appear.


But in IE7 they disappear.

Either bring the floated .social div before .copyright in the source order or float .copyright also.


I can’t believe I missed that little bit of code, :D. I would have never seen that! I’ve been working on the code for the past few days, must have gotten tunnel vision. :lol: I was thinking it was something to do with the button tags!

Hopefully I can help around here and contribute as well!