Issue with SVN permissions

Hi all,

I am facing an issue with the setup of a SVN repository that I also use a web interface to manage. This is the exact problem:

If I set ownership of the /svn directory to the www user, I am able to manage the repository via web, however Tortoise SVN fails on commit attempts with the following message:

Commit failed (details follow):
Can’t open file
‘…/db/txn-current-lock’: Permission denied

I understand this is a permission matter, so if I change folder ownership to apache it then works on commits, but I can no longer manage the repository via web.

So my question is, would it be possible to somehow combine permissions of the www and apache users so that they both have proper permissions on the /svn directory on the server? It’s set to write permissions to both user and group as a matter of fact.

Would be great if someone gave me an idea of what can be done about this, thanks a lot!

We chown the repository apache:svnusers. And make sure all appropriate user accounts are in the svnusers group. Then chmod the repository to give group write privileges, including the hidden .svn files.

Thanks for the suggestion, speda1!

I assume that should work, but I was rather hoping to somehow give the apache user extra permissions to permit SVN commits via TortoiseSVN. I prefer not to alter the ownership of the repositories since they are created automatically via web interface, and assigned to the www user and group… Let me know what you think.

Issue isn’t on the server – it is on the PC running tortise SVN. It can’t access the local database for some reason. We see this alot on windows machines with UAC and file ownership issues.