How to make .svn commits to appear on the web immediately

I have installed .svn server on CentOS. I want this feature:
From my PC, when I commit some files, the .svn server will export them into the web immediately.

Better, if svn’s repository and server’s web root are same.

Say, I modified index.php and committed it.
Now, http://server/index.php should be altered with those changes
without requiring manual ssh/ftp uploads.

If this is possible, it saves a lot of time.

Any help? or alternatives?
Thanks in advanced, for your replies.

First off, are you sure you want to do that for a production server? (I could see it with a development server, but if you do it with a production server and make a mistake, well, ooops…)

Have a look at the post-commit hook…

You should be able to use that to trigger some sort of event on the remote server that performs an update.

I’ve done stuff like that (in my case CVS) to run automated unit tests, but for me anyway, it was a lot more trouble than it was worth.

If you’re doing it with a devel server and want to edit the files using a windows PC, you might be better off just using a network filesystem or an editor with built in ftp? (I could see a svn commit/update cycle every single time you want to see if the page loads being a real hassle and creating kind of a mess, when really you just want to do development)

I could see this creating a problem if someone commits a mistake and it gets automatically updated on your production website.

What you are talking about is called continuous integration. Its kind of the brains of the agile deployment operation. Look at products such as Jetbrains TeamCity, it should be able to do what you need.

You could also take the simpler approach and use a script to do a svn update every 5 minutes or so.

Live server - oh no! Let me do it manually.

On a development server, the guys need not to manually upload their files even after they commit it to the host.

I am certainly going to try Distributed Build Management and Continuous Integration Server.

Otherwise, the idea to 5-minutes update is good for the team each having everyones copy of the software under development.

They test it themselves, and commit only if they approve it themselves, and other guys receive the codes later.