Issue with HTML forms & mobile users

I’ve never developed for mobile devices but found a need to tinker with it a tiny bit. I made a small form for a friend of mine so she could easily upload photos from her cell to my server. So I made a simple HTML upload form. It works perfectly in my browser (on a PC) but when she views the form on her cell, none of the buttons (‘browse’ and ‘submit’) work; both are dimmed. I know nothing about development for mobile users so I ask: Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this that I’m not aware of?

What phone is she using? Have you tested it on any other handsets. I would suggest testing your site on It will check your forms compatibility and offer solutions to problems. it is very good. w3c also have a good validater you can use. I would assume your problem is the doctype/format. As some phones will not work with normal XHTML doctypes and require the mobi specific types. The MP-XHTML (Mobile Profile)

i would prefer that you should take up the help of the expertise wheren the basic coding of the applications is well built and then there are no errors in final uploading of the software.