Mobile Design

Hi there,

I’ve run into a hitch in my 1st mobile version of a website - an unsupported content type error message displayed by no-frills cell phones, which means that users of those phones can’t enter the site. I’ve tested everything that I can think of including removing almost all content, trying different doc and MIME types, & taking out CSS and meta information from the header but nothing seems to work. The lack of information on the web doesn’t help either, or the fact that I’ve never done this before.

I use PHP to detect whether the user is using a mobile device, then wrap the page in header and footer includes appropriate for the mobile version. Here’s the site:

Does anyone have any suggestions or know what content is unsupported by unsophisticated mobile devices? Any suggestions would be very welcome!


Could you post the link to the mobile version, since most of us are on desktops here? So we can see the HTML being given the phones

Anything based on browser- or device-detection is notoriously flaky for mobiles. There are so many different versions of everything out there that you will never get and maintain a comprehensive list.

As Poes said, a link to the mobile version of the site would help us to figure out what might be causing mobiles to freak out.

I create a separate design and code which is suitable for handheld devices. So I have a website version suitable for screen and I have another version suitable for handheld devices and redirect user using javascript or Php to the version.