PHP upload on newer devices

I have been working on our CMS to create a way to upload pictures to a part of our site. It has been a while since I have done something like this. But stopped to ask the important question… will this work on a mobile phone? I guess my question is more like, will the standard way PHP can upload form data work with modern devices like phones and tablets? Thanks

What problems did you encounter while trying this by yourself?

Thanks for the reply. No problems yet. But being rusty at my PHP development, and also being on strict schedule for getting this ready for my team I wanted to make sure we will be able to do what we need. I almost finished and will report any problems I discover here.

PHP being a server-side language, is pretty much device agnostic.
So your only real concern about mobile is your client side code for the upload form, not so much the PHP side of things, that will work the same for any device, because it happens on the server, not the device.

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