Is this available in Open Source?

If you were an ISP and you wanted people to be able to setup their own custom internet start pages that was hosted on your servers… is there an open source program for something like this, or would this be a custom application?

Anybody know where to look for such a program?

You mean a custom ISP search engine? Or a custom landing page?

I was wondering if there is some sort of open source program that you could load on to your computer that could create a customer internet start page…a page that whatever browser you are using would automatically open to when you open your browser.

This page does not even need to be a live page on the internet, but a page that is located on your local machine… and through the program, you could build into this page what links you want to be shown on the page as well as customizing it with a background pick, and other things that users might like.

For example, like if you had a startpage on the system called ispstart.html and you set the browser to open it every time? I will make some research.

Yes, but there would be a program to install on your computer… you would open the program to create and customize your own start page and that start page would be on your local machine, or I guess there could be an option to upload it to a server to be accessed by anybody on the net… maybe also have a password protected page that you only allow friends and family to have access to.

Quite a few options that could be thrown in… seems like somebody would have something such as this.

Well, I really dont know.

Well… maybe someone will build a utility like this someday to give people a little peace of mind to have a start page they build and control.

Do you mean like igoogle?