Open source webshop project

Hi there… I wrote web shop for computer parts in Java (JSP & Servlets + JSTL for templates)

App has MVC approach and it is full customizable. Also it is capable to create a complete computers through wizard where user can select all computer parts into one computer.

There is much more features but I want to make it open source so we can work together on this.

It supports image upload, auto image resizing, newsletter, contact form with spam protection, news publishing feature, PayPal api for online payments…

Of course, it isn’t completely finished and there are much more things to do before it can be released as stable.

Any ideas ?

I’m not sure that you understand what I’m trying to say… I didn’t made my own library or MVC framework. I’m using JSTL, Request Dispatcher… Standard tags only…

I’ll try to upload demo so you can see it.

I’m not so sure if anyone will use it. Only because all MVC framework already have a “templating” mechanism like tiles/composite component/etc… then again I don’t want to kill your open source idea. Why don’t you start by convincing your library by it’s usage? Maybe a quick example would demonstrate your idea.

No No… Template is based on JSTL.

So, is there anyone interested to continue with me on this project. My idea is to release it under GPL or similar license.

You mean, you created your own MVC?