Help making this open source website

So I want to make a website like this website has a source code that you can use to make your own version of the website but I don’t know how to make it can any of you guys help me? Here is the link to the source code (website code) (chat code)

Just to get this straight you want to modify the source code to make your site OR you want to create a similar site that other people can create their websites from it?

I want to use the source code to make my own version of the website to add my own twitch player.

It looks quite a complicated install and you need to use a special server running Nginx as well as using the command line to set it up.

The instructions are on the git page and I am no expert and I would not want to set it up and maintain it.

Is there no other way to get a twitch player?

Well if thats too complicated I want something similar to Where the player fills the front page and a chat right next to it.

There is a Twitch player website that explains how to do it:

Do you currently have a website? If so you could try installing it on a development page and see how it goes.

I looked at the code and its not all that complicated to set-up. It will take a intermediate / advanced understanding of standing up a development environment and php. To stand up a dev environment you could probably use to create a vm with all the dependencies that are necessary. Sitepoint has a nice tutorial on using puphpet. I think its probably long shot if your not familiar with at least some this technology. None the less the below article might help get you started.

The chat bot might be different story because that uses go. I’m not the least familiar with go myself.

Not running the OP down but do they sound like a "intermediate / advanced " programmer?

Also setting it up by following the instructions is not a problem; that comes when you get errors due to missing or wrong version dependences or whatever they are called.

I still think if the OP only wants the player they should try using a different method.

Composer, webpack, and dependency management in general are backbones of modern technology. if you’re not knowledge of those than you probably won’t be able to set that up, correct.

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