JavaScript: Novice to Ninja

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JavaScript: Novice to Ninja

Published January 2015

Learn the ways of the JavaScript ninja!

Please note that there is now an updated edition of this book.

JavaScript has become a must-have skill for all web developers. JavaScript: Novice to Ninja is a fun, practical, and comprehensive guide to the modern usage of this deceptively powerful language.

In this step-by-step introduction to coding in JavaScript you’ll learn how to solve real-world problems, track events, design eye-catching animations, build smarter forms, and develop richer applications. Along the way, you’ll learn to develop according to best practices, including Object Oriented Programming and Test Driven Development.

Once you’re done, and in need of more intermediate to advanced JavaScript content, check out Modern JavaScript, everything you need to stay up-to-date with the evolving world of JS.

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What you'll learn

  • Get to grips with the basics of JavaScript programming: functions, methods, properties, loops and logic
  • Add functionality to your apps using HTML5’s powerful APIs
  • Use Test Driven Development methodology to write more robust code
  • PDF, EPUB, MOBI 477 pg
Meet your author
Darren Jones

Darren has been playing around with programming and building websites for over a decade. He tends to use Ruby and JavaScript and loves them both in their own special ways.


  1. Hello JavaScript
  2. Programming Basics
  3. Arrays, Logic, and Loops
  4. Functions
  5. Objects
  6. The Document Object Model
  7. Events
  8. Forms
  9. The Window Object
  10. Testing and Debugging
  11. Functional JavaScript
  12. Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript
  13. Ajax
  14. HTML5 APIs
  15. Organizing Your Code
  16. Next Steps

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