Is There a site where I can go to find opportunities to Guest post on Blogs?

I am willing to guest post about financial matters with solid, well written and well researched articles. I can also write about movies and video games. lemme know. <snip>

  1. Establish yourself as an expert worth guest posting.

  2. Get guest post gigs.

People get these steps in the wrong order. They try to get blogs to make them an authority rather than becoming an authoritative voice with something interesting to say.

Needless to mention if indeed the articles are solid, well researched and well written, then post them on your own site first. From this people can see how well you write when they consider you to do interviews or guest post.

It’s pretty much like the paradox of banks lending you money. You get loans when you don’t need a loan. You have to show people you are an authority, then people treat you as an authority. And not until.

P.S. It also follow for you to set up a website on the page that looks like a parked domain right now. Full credentials – like your being a licensed financial analyst or advisor.

check out

Why don’t you just approach some blogs related to the topics you want to write about and see if they would like you to write for them.

I know most site owners would jump at the chance for some new content that they do not have to create themselves.

Just have a few samples of your writing available for them to check you out.


My Blog Guest seems cool, thanks for sharing.

I’ll try it soon.