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I am working on guest posting and need some good website which offer and prove the guest posts easily. I was search in Google and make a list of guest posting sites but no one post my articles yet so can you recommend me any good guest posting website?
If anyone guide me how to guest posting then i will be thankful.



I’m not sure what your niche is but you may have much more success if you don’t use the auto approve guest blogging sites or even any kind of service like that. Guest blogging is much more beneficial when you reach out to real people who are in a related field to yours and offer to write content for their site. You will get a much higher quality of traffic and better opportunities for backlinks.

Of course there is probably some benefit to the strategy you are pursuing already. Here is a post that contains some ideas for guest blogging sites,

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I was apply in different guest posts but my article is not publish and my article is so good and informative related to graphic designing so i say for some good sites which approve my posts. yes no doubt guest posts are best way to get some real traffic.Anyway thanks for this lists of guest posts.

Hi kingston123, welcome to the forum.

I hope that by guest posting sites, you are not referring to websites or blogs that are filled with crappy 500-words “guest posts”.

Guest blogging is indeed a great way to build traffic and inbound links. However, you may need to review and work harder on improving your blog posts or articles if you are seeing blog owners declining your submissions, especially if they are already hosting guest posts written by other authors.

Are you submitting your posts in English, or your native language? If they are in English, then you probably need to ask someone to help you rewrite the posts in better English. This could be the reason they are not being approved. No doubt the information in your posts is good, but the quality of your writing is important too. If people can’t clearly understand what you’re saying there is no point a website owner publishing your posts, unfortunately.


Check this great list.

I just got an article saying - site point also allows guest post, is it Right? If yes How can I approach to them

Guest blogging is really effective these days and considering by search engines. I am also searching for guest blogging platform.

Guest posting assumes a key part in the period of blogging and additionally it will encourage you to expand your traffic.

Guest posts should be in related niche. This can be a quality back link to your site. Guest post in non related category can be a referral link and can only referral traffic but this may not be considered as targeted traffic. Posting in related niche is a good job to improve targeted traffic.

For me the idea of guest posting is quite weird. You work very hard and then just give that work to other website for a link… It always seemed not a really fair deal to me. I would accept giving a snippet but would prefer to own the content instead of giving it away. Just my 3 cents…

Guest posts will help you in generating more blog traffic, but if you choose the wrong guest posts, then you won’t get any traffic. Therefore, you need to learn how … A problem for small businesses starting out is how to find a captive audience. The answer is here.

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