Is there a market for css/html/jquery non-cms templates?


is there any market for non-cms templates? responsive css/html templates.

Im no Wordpress professional, but im good at designing websites, and have lots of ideas for nice templates.

Started thinking of this since ive got two emails the last two days from people that want to buy my portfolio code/design. My portfolio have been featured on multiple galleries online the last week.

Or should I just learn to develope WP themes?

I think there will always be a market for graphics designers who can produce css/html. However wordpress themes mean that even non skilled web site builders can use your themes with just a few clicks. It would increase your market potential but it is a little bit of work. If you are interested in taking your designs further and looking at wordpress templates I would suggest you look through the Derek Banas videos on

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Take a look over at …

… they let you see how many sales each template has had. If you look at the non-css templates this should give you some idea of their popularity & some kind of ballpark of the return you can expect for good templates.

Also worth noting: many templates there have cms / non-cms versions. By looking at the comparative sales numbers you should be able to estimate whether it’s worth your time learning to code for a cms.

yes, there’s a market for that, you can offer your service for psd to html/css with responsive function