Best HTML/Wordpress Templates?

Hi ye,

I’m new to this forum so let me start by saying that I look forward to being here and exchanging ideas and knowledge with my fellow sitepoint members.

I am considering, having recently passed the Adobe Certified Associate exam, to get into the business of web design.

A colleague whom I met on the course is interested in starteing a company which will sell websites at knockdown prices.

So, to enabel this strategy, we would have to build websites using templates from stock which we still have to purchase.

What can ye advise in terms of which sompany to purchase from that provides the best product at the lowest price.

Kind Regards

There are many sites that displays free and paid templates. I would first figure out if you want to do HTML or WordPress based or both. If you dable in WordPress, I recommend you check out WordPress’ Codex, and get familar with it. WordPress runs on PHP, so if you don’t know that I would start there.

People can get a WordPress blog up and running in about an hour if they follow the steps. Having a company that only can do that might not go too far. If you guys learn how to customize WP, make it into a CMS, write complete [and complex] themes, you will be more successful.